From my travels to Korea, Japan, the USA, and China.

Landscape of Seattle with the Seattle Needle, buildings, and mountains
Person in traditional Korean clothing holds up a sword
Seoul tower between trees
People waiting at an intersection in Seoul
Under a bridge at Dongdaemun Design Plaza
People sitting on the stairs outside at Ewha University
Adult holds a child behind a glass looking at penguins
Crowds of people at Starfield Library
Person prepares Korean food at a street food stall
Person crosses street in Tokyo
Crowd of people with umbrellas cross the street in Tokyo rain
People waiting at an intersection in Tokyo
Dolphin rests head near caretaker at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa
People play at an arcade in Tokyo, with covers of Manga on the walls
People walking through a narrow food alleyway in Tokyo
Woman walks through an alleyway during the sunset
Streets of Akihabara with cars and people walking
Two people walking by a bright green LED sign
Cars and people between buildings in downtown Chicago
People walk on stairs with a ferris wheel in the background
Inside a glass tunnel with a school of fish circling above
Silhouette of a person holding their infant child in front of jellyfish tank
Looking out the windows of Jinmao Tower
Cop at an intersection looking at people
Interior of a boat with it's captain facing forward
Two people hand feed koi
Traditional Chinese clothing inside a glass wall
Construction workers walking out of a building
Windows looking outside to the landscape of a river and buildings
Traditional Chinese boat travelling down a small river