Friends, family, and strangers.

Person wearing orange standing in rows of tulips
Person looking up while inside large LED rings
Person standing beside a camera and tripod under spotlights
Person playing piano beside concrete stairs
Toddler waving at the pumpkin patch
Reflection of person looking at their phone
Silhouette of two people walking out of a tunnel
Person under a clear umbrella under LED lights
Two people under clear umbrellas while it's raining
Person under clear umbrella under tunnel of LED lights
Silhouette of two people walking by the water and sunset
Two people dancing in the middle of downtown Vancouver
People crowd around a lit Chinese lantern
Person caressing their face among sunflowers
Person walks along a path of sunflowers
Two people standing in a path of sunflowers
Person plays piano in a tunnel
Two people play an arcade game
Two people walk past a green LED sign
Person posing under an archway
Silhouette of person standing in a foggy park
Person looks up, standing in front of a tree
Toddler smiles as they shoot a bubble gun
Silhouette of person looking out the Vancouver Lookout