Landscape, Architecture

Land, sea, and air.

Landscape of the Seattle Needle and surrounding area
Bird's eye view of a dock
Narrow hallway of wood, glass, and cement
Colourful ceiling at the SFU Student Union Building
Bridal Falls waterfall
Person on a jetski with an industrial background behind them
Bird's eye view of a rocky beach
Ceiling of the Seattle Library
Bird's eye view of a path through a dense conservatory
Upside down view of the ocean and the sky
Landscape of downtown Vancouver and Canada Place
Large staircase at the Ewha University
Upside down view of a building wall and the sky
Large pedestrian walkway in Japan
Aurora behind mountains and trees
Sun shining behind the Chicago Bean
Large reflective walkway in China
Interior windows of the Jinmao Tower looking out
Looking down the many floors of the Jinmao Tower
Windows looking out towards a river and skyscrapers in China
Paddleboarder in the shine of the sunset in the ocean